About Me

I am an avid collector of action figures, and plastic army men. I love to collect what I enjoy, and I love to share my collection with others.

I love hunting at thrift stores. A large chunk of my collection comes from thrift stores.

I also collect Hot Wheels and other die cast cars. I especially grab up any die cast military vehicles and planes I see.

I  read comics. I read a lot of G.I.Joe, but I am also interested in Terminator, X-Men, and other Marvel titles. I also like some lesser known titles such as World War II: 1946.

I also read a lot of World War II history, and I am interested in World War II aircraft.

I have a large collection of PsOne games and play them regularly.

I love classic rock and my favorite band is Def Leppard.

I also love to eat. Mmm food.


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