Dark Knight Die-Cast: Batmobiles galore

Although I am a big Marvel comics fan,I do feel that DC comics has some awesome heroes and villains. Batman is by far my favorite DC character. I only own a few action figures of the Caped Crusader and I own even fewer comics. I do, however, have plenty die cast Batmobiles. Hot Wheels by far has the most abundant available, but there are other manufacturers that have made some awesome Bat Vehicles. Most of the vehicles available have amazing detail and do justice to the Caped Crusader’s rides.

Hot Wheels has made a plethora of Batmobiles in recent years.


Here are a few of the Batmobile releases for 2015. The Arkham Knight version is new.

Last year Hot Wheels released a limited run of Batmobiles with awesome comic book type artwork on the cards.

dark knight cars

Here’s a few of the Batman Carded cars. Sorry for the lame pic quality.

The Dark Knight films from recent years have got a lot of treatment.


Hot Wheels Left to Right: The Bat, The Batpod, The Camouflaged Tumbler, Black Tumbler

This three pack is pretty awesome too.



Joker, Tumbler, Gotham PD squad car

Joker, Tumbler, Gotham PD squad car

The Bat, from the Dark Knight Rises, is one the best Mattel has released. Matchbox also released a slightly larger version of the Bat.


Left: Matchbox Skybusters Bat (2012), Right: Hot Wheels Bat (2012)

The website Texas Southwest Die-Cast has an awesome checklist and is a great source to find the various Batmobile’s in Mattel’s Hot Wheels line.

Mattel isn’t the only company that has made some die-cast of the Dark Knight’s rides. In fact, the first I got was an Ertl Keaton Batmobile from the 1989 film.


Ertl ’89 Batmobile. Ive had this for over 20 years.

Ertl made other various Bat vehicles too.


Batman The Animated Series Batmobile. (thrift store find)


Ertl Batskiboat from Batman Returns (thrift store find)

Corgi has also made various Batmobiles for a long time. I, however, only have this Classic ’66 Batmobile from the mid 2000s. Found it at a thrift store a few years ago.

Corgi batmobile

Corgi ’66 Batmobile

When I find Batmobiles at retail stores, I try to buy atleast two so I can open one, and keep one packaged.

Carded Batmobiles

Carded Batmobiles

No matter what your preference of die-cast manufacturer is, there are plenty of Batmobiles out there to choose from.


Various Rides for the Caped Crusader.

All photos by me.