Feature Figure of the Day: Matchbox Robotech Rick Hunter

Amazingly enough, Robotech is turning 30 this year. When the original series, Robotech: Macross Saga, was first broadcasted in the 1985, it was quite evolutionary for American Television. It became extremely popular, but I didn’t get to watch too much of it. As kids we did have a VHS copy of the pilot episode, and we watched it multiple times a year.  Despite our limited exposure to the television show, we did have some of the action figures released by Matchbox. Those are long gone by now, but I did manage to snag a Rick Hunter off of eBay recently.

rick Hunter

Rick Hunter from Robotech: Macross Saga. He has his helmet, but is missing his gun.

Rick Hunter is a brilliant young pilot whose recklessness gets him in trouble. He eventually joins the Robotech Defense Force and becomes and a fighter ace.

According to Variety, Sony has recently took over the rights to Robotech and plans on starting a film franchise.


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