Marx and Tim-Mee Air Force, Which is Better?

World War II plastic soldiers were very popular in the ’60s and 70s. Many companies, such as Marx and Tim-Mee, produced high quality figures that were used many backyard battlefields. Not only were soldiers popular, but so were various Air Force figures. Companies, such as Marx and Tim-Mee, both produced Air Force figures that were sold in bags and playsets. The figures produced by Marx and Tim-Mee had some similarities and some differences. The real question is: which is better?

Marx made originally made their Air Force figures in 40-45mm size. These are much smaller than their 54mm army counterparts. 


Marx Air Force Figures

The molds I have are a later issue and feature a raised base. They were made with raised bases so they could be used with the larger figures that were released later. While the figures are smaller, they do have some great molds and fine details on them.

   I do like how the smaller figures fit with the Marx Battlegrounds P-51 Mustang.


Pilot: “Filler up Mick!” Mechanic: “With what? My hose ain’t attached to nothin’!”

Overall the Marx figures are great. The details are awesome and the variety of figures helps make it a great set to have.

Tim-Mee, however, made their figures in a 60-70mm size. They were originally made in aqua blue, but can be found in tan, waxy gray, and red.


Tim-Mee 60-70mm Air Force Figures. The tent was unique to the Tim-Mee sets.

You can see the difference in size with these pictures, but also notice the similarity between the molds.

The Tim-Mee Pilots are superb, and the mechanics are great too.

Overall the Tim-Mee figures are also fantastic. When I first saw the pilot on eBay many years ago, I knew I had to get one. The Tim-Mee pilots are my favorite of all the Air Force molds. They have great detail and vibe, and the large size is a bonus. The Marx molds also have amazing detail, despite their smaller size.  I probably like the Tim-Mee figures better, but I personally cannot choose between the two different sets. They are both awesome, and are both great additions to my collection. You can add your own to your collection by buying them on Toy Soldiers HQ.

The final question, though, is: Which one do you like better?


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